Cookie Monster Baking #Baking #CookieMonster

Cookie monster success!!!

I’ve been wanting to make these Cookie Monster cupcakes for an age but have always been scared of the fact they’ll probably look absolutely rubbish! But as it’s Jason’s birthday tomorrow I thought I’d give it a go . . . and low and behold they actually turned out okay.

The recipe I used for the cupcake itself was a little out in terms of how many cupcakes it was supposed to make (maybe I’m just generous with my portions!) 12 but I only managed to get six out of the mixture!


You’ll need –

* Batch of cupcakes
* Batch of frosting
* Dessicated coconut
* Blue food colouring
* White chocolate buttons
* Milk chocolate drops
* Ready made chocolate chip cookies

Step one – Start by baking your cupcakes, once golden brown leave to cool on a wire rack.

TIP – Your cupcakes will need to be domed so make sure to fill your cupcake cases around three quarters full.

Step two – Whilst the cupcakes are cooling I dyed some dessicated coconut blue using food colouring, and then left on kitchen roll to dry out.
Step three – Then it’s time to make your frosting which I coloured using blue food colouring. Cover the top of your cupcake with the frosting. Then dip the cupcake in the coconut until it is completely covered.
Step four – To insert the cookie, cut a quarter of it off, so you have a nice flat edge. Then cut a rectangular slit into the cupcake, and remove the excess. Then insert the cookie, pushing gently into the cupcake.
Step five – Secure the chocolate drops centrally to the white chocolate buttons, by melting the base slightly on a warm baking tray.
Step six – Secure the ‘eyes’ in place using a small amount of icing on the back. And then they’re ready to be devoured!

Cookie Monster Baking #Baking #CookieMonster

Cookie Monster Baking #Baking #CookieMonster

Cookie Monster Baking #Baking #CookieMonster

Cookie Monster Baking #Baking #CookieMonster
Hopefully they’ll go down well at the BBQ tomorrow . . .


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