Furniture Renovation #Upcycling #Homecraft

Furniture Renovation

We’ve been on the lookout for a side table for a little while, after numerous accidents of spilt drinks on the carpet, and spotted one on a recent shopping trip to Reloved in Wareham, a vintage shop of loveliness!

We weren’t too keen on the colour that it had been painted. Instead we chose this matt duck egg blue colour which compliments the brass colour of the handle nicely. I started by using a fine sandpaper to sand down the table and give the new paint something to cling onto.

Furniture Renovation #Upcycling #Homecraft
Furniture Renovation #Upcycling #Homecraft
I then lined the drawer with some robot paper that one of Jason’s presents was wrapped up in for his birthday, which worked really well.

Furniture Renovation #Upcycling #Homecraft

Furniture Renovation #Upcycling #Homecraft


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