Isle of Sark #AdventureIsOutThere

Isle of Sark . . .

This year both Jason’s Mum and Dad retired, so to celebrate we all (Jason’s Mum, Dad sister, her BF, their grandparents, and myself) went off on a long weekend cruise to Bruge. On our way back to Southampton we stopped just off the shore of Guernsey. We hopped on one of the lifeboats and headed for shore, where we then got on another boat and headed over to the small, but perfectly formed, Isle of Sark.

Sark is the ultimate escape from the modern world, and is completely devoid of paved roads, everybody travels by bike or horse, there are no street lights and the only way to travel up the steep hill to the village centre is via tractor, what more could you want?

I even managed to find a quaint cottage that took my fancy, although the door may need enlarging somewhat, even at 5″7′ I think I’d struggle to get through it let alone Jason at 6″4′!


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