Christmas Gift Tags #Christmas #GiftWrap #ChristmasTag

Christmas Gift Tags

I love to add personal handmade elements to the gifts I give. Unfortunately this Christmas I’m a little tight for time, so have decided to go half way and make my own tags using a lovely wooden stamp I discovered in Paperchase.

These tags are so quick and easy to make,ย  you’ll have all of your gift tags made in a matter of minutes!


You will need

* Cardboard luggage tags
* Festive coloured Ink pad
* Stamp – I picked up this ‘Merry Christmas’ stamp from Paperchase, a snip at just under ยฃ3, however ebay and Etsy are great places to start looking, shop around as they vary greatly in price.
* Twine

Step one – Ink up your chosen stamp, making sure that all areas are covered.

Step two – Line the stamp up centrally with the tag, once happy with the position, stamp the design on to the tag, making sure to press down quite hard, to ensure all of the design transfers.

Step three – Carefully remove the stamp, and leave to dry for a couple of hours or preferably overnight.

Step four – Cut the twine to the desired length and fold in half. Thread through in the luggage tag, passing both ends through the lop and pull to secure.

Christmas Gift Tags #Christmas #GiftWrap #ChristmasTag

Christmas Gift Tags #Christmas #GiftWrap #ChristmasTag


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