Chocolate Chiffon Cake

After the success of the lemon meringue cake, I have been eager to get back into the kitchen, this time I decided on a chocolate chiffon cake. Whenever I watch GBBO there’s more often than not a chiffon cake mentioned, the name alone has kept me intrigued for a while, as had the method for making the sponge mixture (hint – whisked egg whites where involved).

A chiffon cake is known for it’s lightness, the cakes does not contain any fat, using whisked egg whites carefully folded in with the ingredients to give the cake volume.

I used this recipe posted on the Nigella Lawson site. The recipe worked well, although my cake got a bit stuck in the tin despite leaving the cake until it was completely cool and hanging the tin upside down. Although I suspect I was a little impatient and didn’t leave the cake quite long enough.
Once I had managed to get the cake out of the bundt tin I covered it in chocolate frosting, although I have to say it didn’t look particularly pleasing on the eye. There was a small chunk missing from the top that the tin had claimed that no amount of icing could cover, so I decided to dust the whole thing with a healthy layer of icing sugar which did the trick.
The cake is one of the lightest and most moist cakes I have ever eaten, although I would suggest only a small serving as it was quite rich.

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