Knitted Chunky Scarf #Knitting #Christmas

Chunky Knit Scarf

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!? It has been quite a busy few weeks. We spent this Christmas at our house in the morning and then traveled across a beautifully sunny New Forest to Jason’s parents for a few days of festive cheer, and then made the traffic laden journey up to my parents in Suffolk and then back down to Bournemouth on New Years eve.

I feel like now I can finally catch my breath and write about all of the bits and pieces that I made for friends and family.

After a brief moment of thinking all I had to do this Christmas was the cake, it soon turned into quite a busy making period in the few weeks running up to the big day, with quite a few new requests coming in for things to be made.

My favourite make was this scarf that I knitted for Jason’s Mum. I had some lovely yarn that I’d been wanting to use on a project for ages, it’s so soft and snugly (65% wool, 35% alpaca); perfect for a scarf or snood. The yarn for the scarf is from the Andes range by Drops, and I used three balls of the light grey mix for this scarf in total.
Knitted Chunky Scarf #Knitting #Christmas
I initially did a lot of research browsing through patterns on the internet, and decided to go for something that wasn’t too complicated (given the tight turnaround needed), and stumbled upon this design by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

My yarn was slightly chunkier than that stated in the pattern so I used 8mm needles to knit the scarf on, however I stuck to the pattern and cast on 26 stitches.
Knitted Chunky Scarf #Knitting #ChristmasΒ Knitted Chunky Scarf #Knitting #Christmas
Since finishing the scarf I have decided to make one for myself, as well as a snood which I can use when we go skiing in a few months time. So make sure to stay tuned for a progress update!


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