Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas

Christms Hampers

Every Christmas we like to make something for everyone and this year we decided to make up hampers for everyone. We picked up some lovely linen lined hampers from Hobbycraft which we then filled with raffia and an abundance of homemade sweet treats.

I raided my craft room for twine and hessian to wrap everything up in. Each hamper was made up of a mixture of the following –

* Mini Christmas pudding
* Chocolate slabs (various scrummy flavours)
* Cranberry and orange shortbread
* Plain shortbread,
* Flap jack
* Chocolate brownie
* White chocolate fudge
* Gingerbread

In total we made five full-size hampers and then three smaller ones. It all came together a lot better than expected considering it was mostly done in the final week running up to Christmas. Everyone who received the hampers (whether they be the big or small versions), loved them! I was so thrilled with how they looked all packaged up.
Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas

This is Jason’s parents hamper before I wrapped it up in cellophane (clockwise from top leftΒ  batch of cranberry shortbread, underneath is white chocolate fudge, flap jack, mini Christmas pudding and three chocolate slabs).

Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas

The hamper wrapped in the spotted cellophane. I used raffia which came on a spool to tie around the hamper, and then made pom poms from some yarn that I had leftover from a knitting project, and finished it all off with a snowflake laser cut tag.

Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas

I used hessian to wrap the Christmas puddings up, and wrapped red twine around to make sure it was nice and secure. I then stuck a holy felt topper to make it look like a real Christmas pudding (Minus the berries!).

Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas
This hamper was for Jason’s sister and brother-in-law, we swapped out the Christmas pudding for some chocolate brownie and also made some heart chocolates.

Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas
I had loads of wooden stars left over from when I made our Christmas wreath, so I decided to cover these in gold glitter and use them on the packaging for the chocolate brownie.
Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas
I love poms poms and couldn’t not use them on all of the hampers! I think I’ve finally cracked how to make the perfect pom pom . . . use lots of yarn!

Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas
This hamper was for Jason’s grandparents we swapped out the fudge for a batch of gingerbread as this is one of their favourite sweet treats.
Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas
To wrap the edible items in the hamper I used cellophane bags by Wilton, they were such a great find, I used them for all of the hampers. I just used tape on the back to seal everything in and then used twine to decorate.
Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas
We also made up some mini versions of the hampers for our friends, I used similar things on these that I had in the larger hampers. This reindeer is one of my favourites!
Christmas Hamper Making #Christmas
In each hamper there were a selection of chocolate ‘slabs’ I made slightly smaller versions to fit in the smaller hampers for our friends, but they were still tasty nonetheless! (from top to bottom: white chocolate and strawberry, milk chocolate fruit and nut, dark chocolate with macadamia nuts and cranberry)

I think we’ll most definitely be doing some form of hampers again . . . maybe for Easter this time, as I’ve just found some brown kraft bags that are screaming out for a pom or two!


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