Knitted Golf Club Sock #Knitting #ChristmasGift

Knitted Golf Club Sock

Another Christmas make . . . this time I tried my hand at knitting Jason’s Dad a golf club sock. He’s a keen golfer, and an avid supporter of Portsmouth FC so I thought I would combine the two, by knitting the sock in the Portsmouth town colours.

I had intended to knit two socks, with one being stripey the whole way up, but unfortunately ran out of time (maybe a Father’s Day or Birthday present of the future). But I’m so pleased with the finished outcome, and so was Jason’s Dad more importantly.

I found it quite tricky finding a pattern for two needles (I’ve not quite worked up the courage yet to using double ended or circular needles!), after a bit of searching I found this pattern by Lion Brand.Β To make up the sock I used a cream yarn from the WI premium acrylic range and then a Hayfield Bonus yarn in Denim.
Knitted Golf Club Sock #Knitting #ChristmasGift
To make the pom pom I used the green Clover pom maker, my most used maker of the lot! I used both of the yarns in the pom by wrapping both strands around the maker at the same time.
Knitted Golf Club Sock #Knitting #ChristmasGift


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