Knitted Snood #Knitting

Knitting Update . . .

I have finally finished knitting my snood and scarf, and just in time too, as it’s been quite cold down in Bournemouth the past week or so, I’ve been wearing the snood non-stop!

To knit both items I used the a pattern by Stephanie Pearl Mc-Phee.
Knitted Snood #Knitting
I knitted the snood in the same type of wool as Jason’s Mum’s scarf, but I decided to go for a different shade, medium grey mix.

I also knitted a scarf. I wish I’d got one more ball just to make it another twenty or so centimetres longer, as it only just wraps around twice, but it’s still nice and cosy!
Knitted Scarf #Knitting #PomPom
I made some fluffy poms from some Rowan wool I had leftover from another project to add onto each end of the scarf. I wasn’t quite sure at first how I was going to attach the poms, but decided to gather both ends of the scarf using a running stitch along where I had cast both on and off, and then pulled both ends together and tied into a knot to gather it all together. I then used the tail thread from the pom to secure it with a few hidden stitches at either end.
Knitted Scarf #Knitting #PomPom


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