Embroidered Bar Sign #Homecraft #Embroidery #Tapestry

Another little project . . .

Now that I’ve finished knitting both of the scarves I’ve got a new project on the go, this time for the house.

We’ve been on the look out for a sign for the bar for a while, and had been looking at the illuminated light bulb letters that are everywhere at the moment, but they’re so expensive, and as we’re on a bit of a budget I came up with an alternative. . . an embroidered sign.

It was originally meant to be a Valentine’s present for Jason, but it’s taking a little longer than expected so I’ve taught him the basics and enlisted some help in an effort to get it finished (hopefully by the end of February)!

I’d seen on a recent shopping trip some plastic canvases that you use for tapestry or cross stitch, and I’ve been wanting to use them on a project for a while. I got some Anchor tapestry wool in some shades to match different bits in the lounge, and used these to embroider the letters.

I bought the patterns for the letters from Little House Bliss on Etsy and so far its all going well. This was progress after a few days . . .

Embroidered Bar Sign #Homecraft #Embroidery #Tapestry
And this is progress as of today . . .
Embroidered Bar Sign #Homecraft #Embroidery #Tapestry
Embroidered Bar Sign #Homecraft #Embroidery #Tapestry
I’m hoping to have the majority of the first part of the sign complete by the end of the month. I’ve still got the ‘bar’ bit of the sign to put together, so make sure to check back for an update . . .

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