Bar Sign #Embroidery #Homecraft

Embroidered Bar Sign – Complete!

The bar sign is finally finished! It’s taken about three times longer than I’d originally planned for but I got there, with a little help from Jason who get’s a special mention for stitching in the white space in the ‘Y’.

We started by attaching two picture D-rings on the back of the wood and stringing some twine inbetween them so that we could hang it. We then mounted the sign onto some plywood (that the lovely people at B&Q cut to size for us) with some super strong adhesive, and left it face down on a flat table with some heavy books on top for around 30 minutes, and voila! we have ourselves a bar sign.

Bar Sign #Embroidery #Homecraft

How to Make Your Own Bar Sign

You’ll need –
* Darice Needlecraft Supplies 5 Mesh Plastic Canvas 13 by 22 inches – I used four in total
* Anchor Tapestry Wool
* Women’s Institute Premium Acrylic
* Tapestry Needle
* Scissors
* A pattern to work from – you could make up your own or I bought mine from Little House Bliss on Etsy
* Plywood
* Two Picture D-rings
* Strong Adhesive
* Screwdriver
* Screws

Step one – start stitching your first letter on the canvas making sure to start around five stitches from the edge. Continue to follow the pattern for each of your letters. When using the anchor wool I threaded two lengths through the tapestry needle so that I had four threads that I was stitching with.

Tip – When it comes to attaching two canvases together use a cream piece of yarn and do a zigzag stitch up the full height/width of the canvas.

Step two – once you’ve stitched all of your letters it’s time to start filling in all of the blank space with your chosen colour of yarn/wool. As my yarn was quite thin I threaded two lengths through my needle, so that I had four strands of yarn that I was stitching with. But this will depend on the thickness of the wool/yarn. So it may be worth doing a small test area before starting.

Step three – Once you’re sign is completely finished, measure the height and width with a tape measure.

Step four – Get a length of plywood and cut to size making sure to take two centimetres off of both the height and width measurements.

Step five – secure two D-rings onto the back on either side, and thread lengths of twine between them and secure both ends together with a knot.

Step six – Apply the adhesive to the front of the plywood. Lay the bar sign on a flat surface and then position the plywood on top (adhesive side down). Place heavy booksΒ  on top of the plywood and leave for the amount of time stipulated on the adhesive packaging.

Step seven – Now it’s ready to hang on your wall in pride of place!


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