Upcycled Plant Pots #Upcylcing #Homecraft

Upcycling Project

We’ve recently had some alcove shelving put in our lounge and we needed some bookends, I’ve had some plant pots that I bought from Ikea a while ago that I thought would do just the job.

I then potted up some cacti that I also picked up from Ikea. This is such a quick and easy make and you can pick up all different colours of twine so that it compliments your decor.

Upcycled Plant Pots #Upcylcing #Homecraft

Upcycled Plant Pots #Upcylcing #Homecraft

You will need
* Plant Pot
* Double Sided Tape
* Twine
* Scissors
* Glue Gun

Upcycled Plant Pots #Upcylcing #Homecraft
Step one – Start by applying strong double sided tape to your plant pot and start wrapping the twine around it.

Step two – Continue wrapping the twine around until you reach your stopping point. Use a hot glue gun to secure the end. If you’re using a second colour start wrapping this around the pot, again securing the end using a glue gun.

Upcycled Plant Pots #Upcylcing #Homecraft
You’ll then end up with something that looks a little bit like the above. I decorated three pots in the end and swapped round the colours I used on one of them for a slightly different look. You could cover the entire pot with twine, or even add a button or two for extra decoration.


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