Scones, Scones and more Scones #Baking

Scones, Scones and more Scones!

I don’t know what it is about the lovely sunny weather, but it always makes me want to crack out my baking supplies and bake something!

I’ve not baked any scones in a long time, they just don’t taste the same when its cold, wet and windy outside. As the sun was out in full force yesterday I decided to make some fruit scones and some slightly un-traditional cherry scones (especially for Jason, his personal favourite!).


This recipe will make around 12 medium-size scones.

You’ll need

* 1 lb Self raising flour
* 4 oz Butter or margarine + extra for greasing the baking trays
* 4 oz Caster sugar
* 5 oz Sultanas or any other dried fruit that you prefer
* 3 tbsps Milk

Step one –
Preheat your oven the 180 degrees Celsius. Start by mixing the self raising flour and the butter/margarine together until you have a breadcrumb consistency.

Step two – Add in the sugar and mix until well combined.

Step three – Add in the milk and use a fork to combine the mixture until you have a dough. Mix in the dried fruit.

Step four – Dust your work surface with plain flour and roll the dough out to a two centimetre thickness.

Step five – Grease two baking trays.

Step six – Using a circular fluted cutter cut out your scones and place on the baking tray, making sure to leave a gap between the scones as they’ll rise quite a bit when you pop them in the oven.

Scones, Scones and more Scones #Baking
Scones, Scones and more Scones #Baking
Step seven –
Brush the tops and sides of the scones with milk and pop in the oven for 20 minutes or until golden brown on top.

Top Tip – Make sure to turn the baking trays half way through baking to make sure they’re all nice and evenly baked.

Step eight – Leave to cool and then serve with some jam and a good dollop of clotted cream!

Enjoy x


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