Pastel Perfect Baking #Pastel #Baking

Pastel Perfect Baking

I’ve been busy baking in the kitchen again in the last few days. I decided to refine my skills and have another crack at the ombre cake.

It was my Mum’s birthday on the 26th April and my sister was off to the warmer, and sunnier climes of Australia for a year, so I cracked out the baking equipment and baked this pretty pastel perfect tiered cake to celebrate.

To make the sponge for the cake I used the same recipe as I did for the cake I made for Mother’s Day.

Pastel Perfect Baking #Pastel #Baking


For the sponge you’ll need –

* 450g Un-salted Butter or Margarine, softened slightly, plus a little extra for greasing the cake tins
* 450g Caster Sugar
* 8 Eggs, medium to large in size
* 450g Self Raising Flour
* 1 tsp Baking Powder
* 2 tbsp Milk
* Pink food colouring

Step one – Preheat your oven to 180ºC and grease and line four 7 inch circular baking tins.
Step two – Cream the butter and sugar together in a food mixer until pale and fluffy.
Step three – Add in the eggs one at a time, making sure the mixture is thoroughly combined before adding the next egg. If your mixture starts to curdle add a little of the self raising flour to counteract this.
Step four – Sift the flour and baking powder together into a bowl and then gradually add into the egg mixture in the food mixer.
Step five – Add the milk. and stir through until combined.
Step six – Evenly divide the mixture between four bowls. If you want to be precise weigh out the mixture before hand (remember to minus the weight of the bowl) and then divide this by four, and split between four bowls, this will ensure you have completely even layers.
Step seven – Add pink food colouring (I used Sainsbury’s food colouring) to each of the four bowls making sure that you have four different shades of pink cake mixture.
Step eight – On the underside of each piece of baking paper write the numbers one to four in pencil, this will help when it comes to knowing which layer is which when assembling your cake.
Step nine – Put each of the cake mixtures into the tins, putting the darkest shade in number one, followed by the next lightest in number four, and so on, finishing with the lightest shade of pink in the tin numbered one.
Step ten – Bake in the oven for 10 to 15 minutes, until well risen, and a skewer inserted comes out clean. Leave to cool for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack. Leave the baking parchment on the bottom of the sponges.

TIP – if the sponges have come out a little domed on top, use a bread knife to cut the tops so that they are nice and flat.

Pastel Perfect Baking #Pastel #Baking

To make the frosting you’ll need –
* 750g Icing Sugar
* 240g Unsalted Butter or Margarine
* 1.5 tsp Vanilla Extract
* 60ml Semi-skimmed Milk
* Blue Food Colouring
* Palette Knife
* Confetti Sprinkles (the ones I used are from Sainsbury’s)

Step one – Start by mixing the butter with the icing sugar, and then add in the milk and vanilla extract, continue to mix until completely combined.
Step two – Split the mixture into two bowls, with two thirds of the entire mixture going into one (bowl one), and the rest in another bowl (bowl two).
Step three – Add a few drops of blue food colouring to the bowl with the most mixture (bowl one) until you have a pale pastel blue, this will cover the entirety of the cake. Leave bowl two yellow.
Step four – Pop both bowls of frosting into the fridge to firm up for an hour or so.

Assembling the Cake!

Step one – Start with the darkest sponge (number one) on the cake board (make sure to remove the baking paper!). Using a palette knife, apply a layer of the yellow frosting, so that the top of the sponge is completely covered.
Step two – Continue to keep adding the sponge layers (from one to four) with a layer of frosting in between each. Do not apply a layer of frosting on top of the last sponge layer.
Step three – Using a palette knife cover the entire cake in a thin layer of the pastel blue icing. Pop into the fridge for half an hour to firm up, and then apply another that completely covers the cake.
Step four – Around the base of the cake add the confetti sprinkles.

Pastel Perfect Baking #Pastel #Baking
Pastel Perfect Baking #Pastel #Baking


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