Knitted Cushion Cover

Ever since we finished our lounge/diner (well we’re 85% of the way there!) I’ve been researching lots of different projects to make to make our house a home. I’ve been itching to get my knitting needles out ever since Christmas, so decided that it had to be a knitted project, and as I’m completely obsessed with cushions at the moment I decided to add to my growing collection!

I’ve been wanting to use Boodles yarn for a while, I’m absolutely hopeless when it comes to crochet, so decided to use some to knit a cushion cover. I’ve been on somewhat of a cushion spree, in the hope of covering our sofa in the interim (saving up period) of getting a new one.


The cushion on the left is from Dunelm Mill and the right from Next.

To compliment these two cushions I went for a pink/salmon shade of yarn which is similar to the shade of pink I used in the bar sign.


These instructions are for an 12 inch square cushion pad

You will need

* Cushion Pad insert
* Boodles Yarn, or similar
* 10mm Knitting needles – depending on the thickness of your yarn you my find that you need to use larger knitting needles (make sure to carry out a test square first to get a feel for the yarn, you can always unpick it once you’re done)
* Scissors
* Tapestry needle

Step one – cast on 19 stitches

Step two – knit the first row and then purl the second. Continue in this manner until your piece of work measures 63 centimetres in length.

Step three – Lay the piece of knitting on a table so that the right side is facing you. Fold from the bottom edge 25 centimetres up and stitch the sides up using some of the Boodles yarn and a tapestry needle.

Tip – You will find that the piece of work will start to curl up at the bottom and top this is normal, keep gently stretching it out using your hands. The thicker the Boodles yarn you are using the more it will curl, if you want to avoid this try using bigger knitting needles.

Step four – Turn the cover right side out and insert the cushion pad. Thread three 15 centimetre lengths of yarn on the back of the cover; one in the middle and the then one on either side of the case.

Step five – Fold over the top flap and thread the lengths of yarn through and secure with a bow, and then trim to length.

Knitted Cushion Cover #Boodles #Knitting #Homecraft

Front of the cushion

Knitted Cushion Cover #Boodles #Knitting #Homecraft

Back of the cushion

I’ve already started work on another cover using the yarn as I had some leftover, this time using much larger 15 millimetre needles, stay tuned . . .


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