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Decorative Letters

If you’re one for keeping up with the latest trends in interiors, you may have noticed that fonts and typography are everywhere. I spotted some lovely chunky letters, and never one to miss out on an opportunity to get the glitter out I decided to make some for our lounge (much to Jason’s horror, he’s not a fan, but oh well!)

I decided to spell out home (even more exasperation’s from Jason on this choice of phrase), and then decorated them with a complementary craft acrylic that matched the colour scheme in the lounge, and for an added bit of sparkle I used gold glitter on the front.


You will need
* Mache letters – I bought mine from Hobbycraft
* Craft acrylic
* Glitter
* PVA glue
* Painbrush

Step one – Start by painting the back and side of each of the letters using the craft acrylic, then leave to dry. Depending on the colour of paint you are using you may need to do more than one coat for a nice even covering.

Step two – Once the letters are dry, cover the front of the letters in PVA glue and sprinkle over the glitter.

TIP – make sure to cover your surface with newspaper, or a large sheet of paper before adding on the glitter, this way you can re-use any glitter that doesn’t stick to the front of your letter.

Step three – Leave to dry. Once dry fill in any areas that you’ve missed, and then leave to dry again.

Step four – Using a paintbrush cover the entire front of the letter in PVA this will help to ‘seal’ the glitter and prevent it from coming off.

Ta dah! my finished letters . . .

Decorative Letters #Homecraft #Glitter

Decorative Letters #Homecraft #Glitter

Decorative Letters #Homecraft #Glitter

I also bought some and left them plain to go on our alcove shelving in the dvd section.

Make sure you're summer ready with this Duck Tape beach bag complete with gold flamingo!


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