Upcycling #Homecraft #ChalkyPaint #AmericanaDecor


It has been a busy few weeks in the Cluitt/Green household, I’ve been busy preparing for our Christmas (!) shoot at work, organising and doing all manner of Christmas-ey makes, whilst trying to occupy an ever playful, nearly five month old puppy.

Hence the lack of posts, however I’ve got lots of new project ideas that I’m itching to try out, so there will be lots more posts to come in the not too distant future!

I have finally got around to decorating our (not so nice) pine dining chairs using chalky paint from DecoArt, they’re great, they come in such pretty colours, it took me a while to whittle it down to my chosen two. In the end I went for a lovely grey/blue shade and a cream colour.

This paint is great if you want to upcycle furniture but have limited time, as you don’t need to do any prep work, you simply grab a brush and get painting! I decided to paint three of the chairs in the grey and three in the cream, and have them alternating around our dining table.

Upcycling #Homecraft #ChalkyPaint #AmericanaDecor

Upcycling #Homecraft #ChalkyPaint #AmericanaDecor
All in all it went really well, and it’s amazing what a difference a lick of paint makes. In the end I did two coats of the grey and around three of the cream (four in stubborn patches), the paint dries super quick (although this may have had something to do with me painting on a warm day outside!) so you could potentially get a set of dining chairs done in a day.

Upcycling #Homecraft #ChalkyPaint #AmericanaDecor
Once the chairs were completely dry, I then lightly sanded down each chair and used an old dish cloth to apply the wax/cream. This helps to seal and protect the paint.

Upcycling #Homecraft #ChalkyPaint #AmericanaDecor
There are lots of different effects you can achieve with the paint; if you wanted a shabby chic look you could use a coarser sandpaper to remove more of the paint, to allow some of the wood to show through. Or you could do an undercoat of one colour and then apply a different colour on top, and then sand it lightly to reveal the first colour coat. The possibilities are endless!

I keep finding myself looking around the house for other items that can be painted, stay tuned . . .


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