FREE! Cross Stitch Pattern #CrossStitch #Embroidery #Sewing

FREE! Cross Stitch Pattern

I do love doing cross stitch, I find it incredibly relaxing, I get so absorbed in it I seem to forget about the days trials and tribulations, and completely loose track of time.

Up until recently I have always bought my patterns off sites like Etsy, but I thought I’d pluck up the courage and have a go at coming up with my own pattern.

I’ve had a heart frame that I’ve been wanting to fill for ages, and I thought a cross stitch creation would be perfect.

I matched the embroidery threads to the colour scheme of our lounge, so if you wanted to use different colours to match your interior colour scheme this is most certainly possible, just make sure to write what colour you’ve substituted for what, as it can get a bit confusing!


Click on the image to download the pattern

I used 14 count Aida and the below DMC threads –

  • Turquoise – DMC 563
  • Mustard – DMC 728
  • Pink – DMC 760
  • White – DMC 3866

And this is the finished piece . . .

FREE! Cross Stitch Pattern #CrossStitch #Embroidery #Sewing
FREE! Cross Stitch Pattern #CrossStitch #Embroidery #Sewing
Happy stitching! x


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