Christmas Card Making #Christmas #CardMaking #Snowflake

Christmas Card Making Time!

This year I’ve decided to get cracking on my Christmas cards early, in a hope of avoiding a frantic rush at the beginning of December, desperately trying to pull something together in time for the last postal day before Christmas.

I decided to do something completely different this year, and went for a simple yet sophisticated snowflake design,using my favourite square card blanks as a base.

How to Make Your Own Snowflake Christmas Cards

You’ll need –
* Card blanks
* Wide fabric ribbon – mine was roughly 4.5 centimetres wide
* Wooden snowflake toppers
* Twine
* Mother of pearl buttons
* Double sided tape
* Tacky glue
* Glue dots

Step one – Start by cutting your fabric ribbon using pinking shears, and use double sided tapeย  to secure it centrally to the card.
Step two – Wrap twine centrally around the card five times and then secure with a bow on the front.
Step three – Stick the wooden snowflake embellishments on top of the twine using tacky glue, and leave to dry.
Step four – Secure two buttons to the bottom right corner of the card using glue dots or tacky glue.

Christmas Card Making #Christmas #CardMaking #Snowflake
I also made this snowflake wreath card, it’s really quick to make and looks really effective on the mantlepiece. If you want to learn how to make it,make sure to check out the post I wrote for the Hobbycraft blog which includes a full list of everything you need and step-by-step instructions.

Christmas Card Making #Christmas #CardMaking #Snowflake
Stay tuned for more Christmas card designs coming soon


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