Bournemouth Beach

I don’t know about where you all were yesterday evening, but here in Bournemouth it was absolutely beautiful! As both Jason and I were home from work before 6pm (a rare thing in our household!) we took Murphy down to the beach.

He absolutely loved it! And has developed a fascination with the sand, attempting to catch the sand trails that come off our shoes as we walk along, whilst barking almost constantly, passers by see this as cute and adorable, we smile/grimace back,Β  wishing he would give it a rest and behave like all of the other ‘normal’ dogs on the beach.

Safe to say it wasn’t the most successful of walks, but I did manage to take a few snaps and test out my new lens (a Canon 18-135mm). The lighting was perfect and I managed to capture a few nice shots, I had intended to get a few of Murphy, but the excitement just proved too much and he couldn’t/wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to capture anything . . . next time maybe!

I love shooting at dusk, you can get some amazing shots of the last of the day’s sun rays reflecting off the sea, the sky also has an array of different colours which you don’t really get when shooting during the day.








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