Anniversary Blooms

I can’t quite believe it’s been six years since Jason and I started going out, the time has quite literally whizzed by. When I stopped to think of all that we have achieved both together and individually I felt mighty proud!

When you get sucked into the ground hog day of everyday life it can often seem like you’re not getting anywhere, but it seems that all of my incessant list making and our perseverance is starting to pay off. We’re now well on the way with decorating our guest bedroom (stay tuned for an upcoming post), and we’re pretty much there with both our back and front garden, now for the small matter of Christmas, I feel a list or two coming on!

Anyway back to our anniversary . . . we always get each other a little something and Jason treated me to some beautiful blooms and the most AMAZING knitted hat from Oliver Bonas.

#Rose #Flower

#Rose #Flower

#Rose #Flower

#Rose #Flower

This year I decided to make a card as I have so many lovely papers, that are crying out to be used, I decided to keep it simple and made this cute robot card –


I also bought Jason a felted dinosaur which was made by the very talented Gina from Chica Chimu. Jason absolutely LOVED it (he’s obsessed with dinosaurs!), I’ve been reliably informed that the dinosaur is an Apatosaurus (a Brontosaurus to you and I) so he’s been christened Pat.


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