Christmas Tree Decorating

This year we were a little late in putting out tree up – I have to admit we’re struggling to get into the Christmas swing of things – we’ve just been so busy with one thing and another, it seems to have arrived all of a sudden, anyone else feel the same way?

We wanted to try somewhere more independent this year, having previously had trees from Homebase, B&Q and Haskins. Luckily I didn’t have to go in search too far as I spotted a farm on the way into work, so on Saturday with Murphy in tow we wentΒ  to pick out our tree. We settled on one that was a whooping seven-foot, so we just managed to squeeze it into the car along with an unhappy Murphy.

I will most certainly be going back next year; it’s one of the most in proportion trees we’ve ever had. The only problem is it has started to drop already, although I’m putting this down to the mild winter that we’re having, and Murphy’s personal mission to taste everything at mouth height.

For decorations we decided to ditch the paper chains from last year, and have kept it quite simple. I’ve been picking up lots of different felted decorations at different craft fairs in the past few months so these have been hung in pride of place along with a few other of my other favorites. . .


Picked this beauty up from Asda last year, I only got two and I wish I’d got more!


Mr Polar Bear (from Stewart’s Garden Centre in Christchurch) originally had antlers, but Murphy decided he liked him better without, and I think I do too.


I made lots of air dry clay decorations a few years back and they always look lovely on the tree, it’s my mission next year to add to our collection and have a go at some different designs.



This is one of my favourite felted decorations, I spotted him at the Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Fair and had to get him, he’s so CUTE! I’m trying to see if I can get one made of Murphy for next year, although I feel his super-fluffiness may be an issue . . .


Both the snowman and reindeer below I picked up from the Country Living Christmas Fair the year before last.



I got a few decorations to add to our collection this year from Hobbycraft.


We’ve had these trees (from Wilkinsons) for a number of years now, and I aways forget we have them year after year, it’s so exciting getting all the decorations out again and finding them.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some penguins, and these two cuties are currently sat adorning our oak mantel piece above the fire.


As Jason is a Lego fan we had to have some form of it out for Christmas . . .



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