Woodland Walk in the Forest

The weather finally decided to perk up today, and now that I was fully recovered from the work Christmas party on Friday night we decided to head out for a few hours into the forest.

Murphy absolutely loves it in the forest, he spends the whole time running around with the biggest smile on his face, in and out of literally every single puddle. He’s recently become quite fond of his ball (it’s only taken six months!) so he had a lovely time today splish-splashing and getting extra muddy!






Trying to get a nice shot of Murphy can sometimes be quite tricky as he’s such a fidget bum, so I decided to have a little play with the sport mode on the camera, and managed to capture a couple of mid-flight shots.


The below was by far one of my favourite shots, it looks like he’s flying, and reminds me a little bit of a Schnauzer or some kind of Terrier.


As a result of the not-so-great weather I’ve not really had a chance to take many snaps but I managed to squeeze in a few between ball throwing duties. . .





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