Decorating Part Two

It seems like an age since I had time to sit down and write a post. The past seven weeks have quite literally flown by in a whirlwind of decorating, puppy mishaps, work and freelance craft projects – it’s safe to say that the Easter bank holiday weekend couldn’t come soon enough!

Over the past few months, we’ve been decorating our second guest bedroom which is affectionately now known as ‘the study’. Jason primarily uses it as his office, but it also functions as our main guest bedroom when we have people to stay.

I’ve been itching to get my decorating fingers on it for some time, but as with everything else the job is never quite as simple as one first thinks! We had to completely gut the room, including new windows and a new carpet after a leak when taking the radiator off the wall.

Here’s some snaps of the room before we got started . . .

edit2015-10-16 14.09.56

Jason’s desk took up much of the space within the room, with bits and pieces stuffed into every nook and cranny.


We started off our decorating mission by getting the windows replaced; nearly two years of having to subtly explain to guests why they couldn’t open any of the windows was becoming increasingly embarrassing!

We then stripped away all of the wallpaper, including the paper that was on the ceiling (!!!) cue slightly dangerous paper stripping and removal of the haphazardly applied plaster coving by the previous owners. It was then time for the plastering!

edit2015-10-19 19.14.28

edit2015-10-19 19.15.40

Then for my favourite part . . . the decorating! We decided to go with the same paint on the walls that we’d used in the lounge (Homebase Matt Contemporary Emulsion) and then created a feature wall that the bed was on. We found three different wallpapers that we liked, in the end we decided on a geometric print from Next, which given the print wasn’t too tricky to pattern match. We then added a white picture ledge from Ikea to display some of Jason’s favourite prints and a decorated Heidi Swapp marquee letter that I picked up from Hobbycraft.

edit2015-12-19 10.49.09

edit2015-12-19 10.49.43
We kept hold of the rope bedside lights from The Range that we had originally, as well as the oak bedside drawers.

edit2015-12-19 10.52.58

We decided that we wanted to re-locate the desk into one of the alcoves, however after having a look around we found it incredibly difficult finding anything ready-made that would A – fit into the space, and B – provide enough storage. We therefore had a go at designing and making our own using scaffold boards from our local salvage yard. We gave them a good sanding down and a lick of Valspar wood paint and they were ready to use. Shelving was created top to bottom in the alcove for books and DVD’s (under the desk), we then created a desk from a sheet of MDF covered in grey fabric that matched the paint, and created even more shelving space within the desk’s legs.

I’m so pleased with how it’s turned out, it’s half the size of the original desk (now lovingly relocated to the attic) and fits all of Jason’s books, DVD’s, prized Lego collection and more! We picked up quite a few bits from Ikea in the end (chair, lamp, desk tidy, flower pots and cacti in the below image) along with a few custom made pieces, like the terrarium.

edit2016-02-13 16.13.43

It’s safe to say we’re both a little bit obsessed with cacti and succulents at the moment, we raided the plant section in Ikea, and now three cacti have found new homes on the shelves accompanied by two succulents in the terrarium. I customised the pots we picked up from Ikea with some jute twine, using colours that complimented the wallpaper.

edit2016-02-13 16.14.58

One of the main requirements of the shelving was that it be able to display some of Jason’s  extensive Lego collection, we dotted these on the shelves to break up the books a long with his beloved felt dinosaur, Pat (made by Gina Dunford).

edit2016-02-13 16.12.03

edit2016-02-13 16.11.10

What with collecting little bits and pieces as we say them for the room, we ended up with quite a few prints that we wanted to hang. To avoid the room looking like a gallery space we decided on our favourite three and hung these on the right-hand wall next to the desk.

Papercut AT-AT by Will Pigg.

edit2016-02-13 16.09.53

I’m really pleased with how the room has turned out, and I have learnt so much in doing it. I would definitely recommend having a go at building your own furniture, it allows you to design something that meets all of your requirements, and there is such a feeling of accomplishment once its all done.

I’m now desperate to start our next decorating project. However, I can’t quite decide whether we should do the hall and get rid of the horrible Artex on the walls, or do our bedroom so we don’t have to spend another day waking up to horrible purple floral wallpaper …


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