Shaker Birthday Card

I FINALLY(!) got around to making a shaker card, after previous disastrous attempts I thought that now was as good a time as any to have another go, and it’s safe to say I am now hooked, what this space for some Easter themed shaker cards coming soon.

How to Make your Own Birthday Shaker Card

You Will Need

  1. Start  by cutting a circle using the Cricut Explore Air, alternatively you could use a die cutting machine and a circle die. Then cut two marginally smaller circles from vellum and white card.
  2. Centrally cut your numbers/greeting from the larger circle.
  3. Secure the vellum onto the back of the larger circle.
  4. Using a sewing machine and a one centimetre seam allowance stitch the white card to the back of the larger circle. Stop at least five centimetres from where you started stitching so that you can comfortably insert the sequins.
  5. Once the star sequins have been inserted stitch up the opening using a sewing machine.
  6. Cut an 8 x 8″ piece of off-white cardstock and cover the back in double sided tape (do not remove the backing). Run a strip of contrasting card vertically down the centre, then apply a strip of vellum.
  7. Use foam pads to attach the circular greeting centrally to the 8 x 8″ off-white cardstock.
  8. Use the Cricut Explore Air or your die cutting machine to cut out other parts of your greeting from gold mirror card. Using the images below as a guide.edit2016-02-22 08.53.39
    edit2016-02-22 08.53.54
  9. Adhere a bunting flag to the top right hand side of the circular ‘pocket’, using foam pads where it overlaps the off-white cardstock. Use the ‘T’ and ‘H’ from the gold Thicker stickers set to complete.
  10. Peel off the backing paper from the double sided tape and apply the off-white card base to front of the card blank.

edit2016-02-22 08.53.27


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