Camera Card

Since starting work at docrafts I’ve really been inspired by all of the cards that go into Creativity magazine and all the designs I find when researching ideas.

I’ve always made cards, but nothing really very challenging. I’ve therefore decided to up my card making game; I started my mission with this camera design. I had a little help on the inspiration front, but made the whole thing myself, and was really chuffed with the end result, I’m planning to make another one for my Dad for Father’s Day.


You Will Need

  1. Trim black cardstock to the same size as the card blank. Centrally adhere a  second piece of card measuring 21 x 11cm. Cut a third piece of card 21 x 9cm. Emboss using the houndstooth folder and stick centrally to the previous two layers.
  2. Die cut two sizes of circle from black card – cut three large and two small. Layer each of the large circles on top of each other using foam pads, then layer the smaller circles on top. Cut one additional small circle from vellum, use double-sided tape to stick it to the top circle – you’ve now created the lens! Attach the ‘lens’ centrally to the card.
  3. Cut a flash, shutter button and d-ring from black card and secure to the main body of the camera using the image as a guide.
  4. To create the infra-red light, cut a small circle from black card and a slightly smaller one from red. Position slightly above, and to the right of the lens.
  5. Stick everything to the card blank.
  6. To create the back of the camera… Cut a final piece of black card 21 x 15cm. In the centre mark out a rectangle 10 x 6cm and use a craft knife to cut the two long, and the right-hand short side.
  7. Place a piece of dark grey card layered with vellum behind the aperture, and stick a ‘Happy Birthday’ greeting inside. Use strong double-sided tape to adhere the back of the camera to the back of the card.
  8. Cut a small square ‘view finder’ from cream card and round the corners with a palm punch. Stick to the centre top of the back of the card, just above the greeting.
  9. Use a corner punch to round each of the cards four corners.

Camera card

Camera card close up

Back of camera card


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