Aisha Green PortraitHello! Welcome to Dandelion Life! My name is Aisha, I’m a Deputy Editor by day and avid crafter by night. I love crafting, and I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to embrace this passion, as well as make some wonderful crafty discoveries along the way, and come home pretty much everyday covered in glitter (which is never a bad thing!).

I dabble in a lot of different crafts and I’m always the first to volunteer to try my hand at something new. My partner (Jason, he crops up in a lot of my posts!) and I moved into our first home together in November 2013 so I’m on a mission to fill our house with lots of lovely handmade items. I also love to bake so you’ll find lots of my baking experimentation’s here (hopefully successful!) along with the odd recipe or two.

I’ve always loved to make things, from an early age I could often be found in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon with my Mum, helping to make the Sunday roast and baking oaty flap jacks, Victoria sponges and countless fruit scones for the coming week’s packed lunches. I’ve never been able to sit still, my mind is always thinking of the next project, and I’ve always got a make on the go!

I live on the wonderful Dorset coast, so inspiration is all around and there are lots of craft markets and fairs close by that I love to visit and pick up some crafty makes.

I’m always up for suggestions, whether it be an amazing craft fair you’ve discovered, or a life changing product, please feel free to get in contact. Better yet share you’re discoveries with all of the lovely readers of Dandelion Life and leave a comment!

P.S – Please feel free to use images from my site as long as a link back to the original source is provided. However, please do not claim my projects as your own, if you would like to feature one of my projects please feel free to contact me.


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