Bakewell Cupcakes #Baking #BakewellTarts

Bakewell Cupcakes

I have to confess I do love a Bakewell Tart, there’s nothing quite like almond frangipane topped with a glace cherry.

This past weekend I made a large Bakewell Tart for pudding and there was some leftover sponge filling, so decided to do a bit of experimenting and make some Bakewell inspired cupcakes, and these are what I cam up with . . .
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Oaty Flapjack #Baking

Scrummy Oaty Flapjack

I do love flapjack! I think it is one of my most favourite traybakes, and its so quick and easy to do. I bake it at least once a month as Jason absolutely loves it, as does his Mum and my Dad, so there’s always a demand for it in our household.

It makes a great gift too, it’s now become tradition for my Dad to receive a batch for his birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas!

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Spring Slower Cupcakes #Cupcakes #FlowerPower #Baking

Spring Flower Cupcakes

I do love a cupcake, it has to have just the right amount on frosting that’s not too sweet, a lovely light, moist sponge and most importantly it needs to be tasty!

These spring slower vanilla cupcakes are decorated using a grass tip nozzle and three different shades ofΒ  green vanilla frosting, and then topped with pretty sugar flowers.

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Scones, Scones and more Scones #Baking

Scones, Scones and more Scones!

I don’t know what it is about the lovely sunny weather, but it always makes me want to crack out my baking supplies and bake something!

I’ve not baked any scones in a long time, they just don’t taste the same when its cold, wet and windy outside. As the sun was out in full force yesterday I decided to make some fruit scones and some slightly un-traditional cherry scones (especially for Jason, his personal favourite!).

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Easter Biscuits #Baking #Easter

Easter Biscuits

This Easter we decided that we were not going to exchange chocolate eggs, but I couldn’t resist making a little treat, and made some ginger egg biscuits.

I’d had a go at making some Easter biscuits earlier in the year and I really enjoyed it, you can create some great designs without having to buy lots of specialist pieces of kit (which is never a bad thing!). Plus, I’ve got a tub FULL of icing that is nearing it’s use by date and have resolved not to throw it away. I used up some pastel shades of ready to roll Renshaw icing to decorate my biscuits, using flower and circular plunger cutters to make some suitably spring-like floral and polka dot biscuits.

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Ombre Cake #ombre #MothersDay

Mother’s Day Baking

Happy Mother’s Day! This year I decided it was time to make a cake and up the anti when it comes to decorating the cakes I make.

I’ve been wanting to make an ombre cake for a while, but have never quite gotten around to actually making one, well now I have, and it was much less faff than I had originally thought, and the cake looked really good when it was cut into (my worries of putting the cakes in the wrong order where completely unfounded!).

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